Our Unique Qualities

Counts Unlimited has been providing traffic data collection services for the past 30 years. All of our employees are very experienced; from our Project Managers to our Road Tube Field Technicians to our Traffic Data Collectors. We have assembled a workforce that is both highly trained and highly skilled. We are proud to say the majority of the staff has 5+ years of work experience with Counts Unlimited, which in turn reduces turnover within the company.
Our Data Collection Services are field tested and provide proven accuracy. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and routinely maintenanced for best performance. Our employees are routinely monitored for accuracy, and are required to attend periodic meetings enforcing count accuracy methodologies.
Roadway Classification Counts utilize road tube setups that can classify each lane of traffic individually. This produces a much higher rate of accuracy, as opposed to performing the count with one set of tubes for multiple lanes of traffic.
Time-sensitive Projects are not unique to our industry and we strive to offer the fastest turnaround time in the business. Upon request and availability, we can provide count reports withing 24 hours.
Our Large Inventory of Equipment makes us capable of handling most any job you can throw at us.


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Our Team

Kris Campos


Abe Campos

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Our History

Counts Unlimited was founded in 1990 by Barb Sackett. Originally based out of a home office in Moreno Valley, the traffic data collection company continued steady growth and became Counts Unlimited, Inc. in 1997. Counts Unlimited was established to provide accurate and comprehensive data collections services at a reasonable cost to the transportation engineering community, throughout California.
Today, Counts Unlimited, Inc is headquarted in Corona, CA with an experienced and knowledgable support staff throughout all of Southern California and parts of Northern California.